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Operating Heavy Machinery

Operating Heavy Machinery

People may think that working with construction and heavy machinery does not require a lot of skill, can be done by anyone that is a licensed driver and is a fairly easy nine to five job that isn’t very taxing but they’d be wrong.

Heavy equipment operators and technicians operate heavy machinery such as trucks, loaders, excavators, backhoes, dozers and graders. These types of machines are usually used for heavy construction such as earth moving, road building, mining, forestry and a host of other projects that require the lifting of heavy objects, transportation or mixing that cannot be done with mere man power along. Construction and heavy machinery workers are also often responsible for the maintenance, safety and compliance of this machinery and therefore a lot is taken into consideration when operating them; which includes having the required training and license to be able to operate them.

These machines can be difficult to drive and operate but not only is this something that these workers have to endure; there is the added environment that they often find themselves in. Often construction workers conditions include working in all sorts of climates and weather conditions which means that they really get their hands dirty. While an office job can leave you comfortable and safe at your desk these employees get dirty, greasy, muddy and dusty every day while often working irregular hours often at night.

It is a fast growing industry as infrastructure continues to be of vital importance in most cities and their surroundings. This means that the overall employment of construction equipment operators is expected to keep growing by at least 23 percent by 2020 according to some statistics which makes it faster than the average for all occupations. Spending on infrastructure generates jobs for construction equipment operators especially with those who possess the niche skills and abilities to operate multiple types of equipment. So next time you consider this position an unskilled profession, think again.



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