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Eco-friendly Construction Materials for 2013

Eco-friendly Construction Materials for 2013

The construction business is an ever changing one, with new policies to ensure safety as well as environmental protection. By using green friendly construction materials you can not only increase the efficiency of your home which saves you money but you can also preserve natural resources by minimizing pollution, and putting undue stress on the environment.

What are some of these green or eco-friendly construction materials?

 Bamboo flooring:

This is a fast-growing grass, bamboo grown using minimal fertilisation or pesticides. This material meets strict criteria for environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Cork flooring:

Cork tiles are renewable flooring that comes from the cork of oak trees. It is rot and fire resistant and produces little to no waste with production.

Wool carpets:

Buying carpets made from animal hair is more sustainable than synthetic carpeting because it comes from a renewable source.

Cotton batt insulation:

Electricity is one of the resources that we do not have a lot of and it is one of the resources that is most often wasted because people are not aware of how that can play a role in saving electricity. One of the ways is through using forms of insulation that minimise the use of electric heating. This type of material insulates homes without the intensive use of electricity reducing the need to use other forms of heating in the home.

There are many new forms of material that can and are being used in construction that are two fold in that they serve the purposes necessary while creating less of an environmental impact than other materials that have been used for many years because of habit and convenience.

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