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Construction and Heavy Machinery Safety

Construction and Heavy Machinery Safety

Each line of work comes with its own unique circumstances, work-related tasks and environment. The use of heavy machinery is one such environment that a number of industries such as construction, manufacturing, farming, mining and more use to increase efficiency.

While this helps production and operations run smoothly there are many dangers that these jobs bring with them, particularly because of the kind of tasks they involve; and often times it is sadly because of the poorly maintained or managed environment or the untrained and improper use of the machinery that then becomes a safety hazard.

What then can businesses do to ensure that safety practices are being carried out effectively so that unnecessary accidents or even deaths occur as a result of negligence or inexperience?

One of the ways is to ensure that one’s workforce have had the proper training and are licensed to operate heavy machinery that requires by law that they do so is to send them on the relevant training courses and invest in them. Helping them to develop qualified skills will radically reduce the machine-related injuries. Secondly training and educating them on safety and safe practises will create a more productive work environment with limited working hazards thereby eliminating further accidents.

How much of your time and company resources do you use to implement safety when it comes to using heavy machinery and how important is machinery safety? The statistics are alarming and ranked second to motor vehicle-related injuries amongst occupational injuries. A Journal of Safety Research showed that most fatalities a cured due to rollovers, being struck by heavy equipment trucks while backing up as well as rollover of heavy equipment on farms. These effects reach beyond medical care or loss of productivity but also effect families and are therefore something that need to be a high priority when it comes to preventative measures of any business operating with the use of construction machinery.

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